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Direct precision manufacturing using organically modified ceramics

Autor: André Neumeister

ISBN: 978-3-943104-48-6

Dissertation, Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2012

Herausgeber der Reihe: Dietmar Kracht

Band-Nr.: LZH 02/2012

Umfang: 126 Seiten, 94 Abbildungen

Schlagworte: Layer Manufacturing, Stereo Lithography, Ormocer, Flow Cytometry nozzles

Kurzfassung: Layer Manufacturing techniques allow pro-ducing complex three dimensional objects with nearly no geometrical restrictions. The aim of this work is the extension of Layer Manu-facturing towards Direct Precision Manu-facturing based on both a new material and machine. Hybrid oligomers of the Ormocer class offer defined material properties, while a frequency-converted solid state laser is applied to provide the requested manu-facturing precision. Specially configured Ormocers with adapted viscosity and optical penetration depth are investigated for their use in laser based Stereolithography. Azo-phenyl-based UV absorbents are used to adjust the optical penetration depth, while multi-functional acrylate monomers are used as reactive thinners for viscosity adjustment. The polymerization process is optimized as a function of the laser fluence with main emphasis on the functional group conversion and process resolution. Based on the results gained within this thesis, highly precise, complex and brittle hard precision components are producible. As proof of concept, a demon-strator part for flow cytometry applications is produced.

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