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Optical Cooperativity in Relation to Fringe Projection Systems

Autor: Omar Abo-Namous

ISBN: 978-3-943104-67-7

Dissertation, Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2012

Herausgeber der Reihe: Eduard Reithmeier

Band-Nr.: imr 04/2012

Umfang: 160 Seiten, 72 Abbildungen

Schlagworte: 3d geometry measurement, fringe projection, optical cooperativity, 3D- Formmessung, Streifenprojektion, Optische Kooperativität

Kurzfassung: Structured light projection is a very flexible triangulation method that enables the fast measurement of parts and an easy evaluation of form deviations and defects. Its industrial application, though, is aggravated due to the reflective nature of industrial parts. To investigate surface properties concerning the ability to measure technical surfaces, the interaction between measurement system and measurement object is examined. In the process, the measurement surfaces are characterized as related to their light scattering characteristics. This is done both by means of measurement, as well as by simulation. Based on the characterization, different surface treatment methods are explored for their ability to produce optical cooperative surfaces vis-à-vis structured light projection. Between the surface treatment methods are both layer application and erosive methods. The gained knowledge is field-tested using two measurement examples out of the automotive field. In the first sample application areal measurement points of a gear wheel are filtered based on their respective quality. In the second sample application the use of a near-measurement surface treatment is shown within a demonstrator for the measurement of synchronization sleeves. A specially designed measurement system enables the measurement of the inner bore geometries of the synchronization sleeve from an optimal angle.

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