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Scientific Reports 2011-2013 Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control

ISBN: 978-3-944586-32-8

Magazin, 2014

Herausgeber der Reihe: Eduard Reithmeier

Umfang: 65 Seiten

Schlagworte: Measurement Control, Automatic Control, Noise Control, Optical Measurement


-Multi Sensor Fringe Projection System 
-Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation with In-ear Headphones 
-Interpolation in Stitching of 3D-Microscope Data 
-FG 576 “Structure Oriented Surface Characterization Based on Optical Measurement Technique” 
-Optical Inspection of Microstructured Surfaces under Industrial Conditions 
-Development of Micro-Macro-Kinematics for Micro-Assembly 
-Measurement of Specular Reflecting Surfaces using Fringe Projection: A Practical Approach 
-An analysis of the potential and qualification of the process control system of a local distributed force-sensing technology 
-Fast Fibrescopic Geometry Inspection by Inverse Fringe Patten Generation 
-Fringe Projection Measurement of Highly Specular Objects in Presence of Multi-Reflection 
-Optimal feedforward control design for active noise cancellation in-ear headphones 
-Calibration of an Optomechanical Image Derotator with a 6-Axes Parallel Kinematics Using Image Processing Algorithms 
-Three Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Using Scanning Electron Microscopy 
-Quantification of the Degradation of Microstructured Coatings. Clean Sky Project “Microcoat” 
-Improved Pose estimation of free form objects for optical metrology

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