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New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

ISBN: 978-3-95900-170-0

Tagungsband, 2017

Herausgeber der Reihe: Berend Denkena

Band-Nr.: IFW 08/2017

Umfang: 430 Seiten

Schlagworte: MIC2017, lightweight structures, high-strength structures



Keynote Speeches

  • Digitalization of Aircraft-MRO - Challenges and opportunities in an asset heavy industry
    (Dr.-Ing. Johannes Buÿmann, Lufthansa Technik AG)
  • At the core of machining innovation: Chips - Powder - Bits & Bytes?
    (Georg F. Rayczyk, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH)
  • Delivering excellence in Digital manufacturing, today
    (Sanjay Ravi, Microsoft, Martin Gutberlet, GILDEMEISTER GmbH)
  • Industrie 4.0 - Usecases with SME. Fostering digitalization transition
    (Dr.-Ing. Dominik Rohrmus, Labs Network Industrie 4.0 e.V. and SIEMENS AG)

Session 1 - Machine Tool Technology & Special Applications in Manufacturing

  • Current status of chinese machine tool industry, future trends and developments for aircraft industry
    (Dr. Xiyou Guan, Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co. Ltd., Dr. Ömer Sahin Ganiyusufoglu, Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co. Ltd.)
  • Effect of process chain on additive manufactured Ti-structures for aerospace applications
    (Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bielefeld, Premium AEROTEC GmbH)
  • Deep rolling of turbine components
    (Dr.-Ing. Karsten Röttger, Ecoroll AG)
  • Intelligent production. Process reliability, with high performance and precision. 5 axis simultaneous cutting of structural parts in the aerospace industry
    (Jürgen Möbus, a-punkt automation GmbH)
  • How new challenges boost tool developments for aerostructure parts
    (Sebastian Mayer, ISCAR Germany GmbH)
  • High-Speed PCMM in aerospace industry
    (Andreas Kirsch, Akcurate GmbH)
  • Process optimisation of aerospace structures
    (Markus Heuwinkel, Walter AG) 

Session 2 - Scientific Presentations, including topics of Session 1

  • Influence of procedure-related cutting edge micro geometry modification on the production quality when milling fibre reinforced plastics
    (Dr.-Ing. Lukas Prasol, Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management)
  • Experimental investigations for a simulative optimization of the cutting edge design of twist drills used in the machining of Inconel 718
    (Milan Bücker, Institut für spanende Fertigung)
  • Development of novel cutting tools with dimple textured surfaces for dry machining of aluminum alloys
    (Ph. D. Tatsuya Sugihara, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Structure model based correction of thermally induced motion errors of machine tools
    (Xaver Thiem, Institute of Machine Tools and Control Engineering)
  • Process design for rough machining of Ti6Al4V integral components
    (Christian Hasenfratz, Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools)
  • Identification of temperatures in cutting zone when dry machining of nickel alloy Inconel 718
    (Prof. Andrey Czan, Departement of Machining and Production Technologies)
  • Identification of technological parameters when machining Ni-Alloys by monolithic Ceramic milling tool
    (Ph. D. Michal Sajgalik, Departement of Machining and Production Technologies)
  • Increasing productivity in turning of hard-to-cut materials by means of modified flank faces
    (Oliver Pape, Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen)
  • Modification of oscillation modes in low frequency vibration assisted drilling
    (Tebbe Paulsen, Institut für Werkstofftechnik)

Session 3 - Digitalization & Trends Industry 4.0 & Development & Process Engineering Digital devices and platforms - so what?

  • How to increase production process eficiency step by step
    (Stefan Walter, MSG System AG)
  • Innovative CAM strategies to realise significant time savings in the aerospace industry
    (Dr.-Ing. Josef Koch, OPEN MIND Technologies AG)
  • FORCE - Reduced machining time with physics-based feed rate optimization
    (Phillip Block, CGTech Deutschland GmbH)
  • DMG MORI - the path of digitization
    (Karl Doreth, DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH)
  • Smart machine tool in a smart ecosystem
    (Sebastian Mergler, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG)
  • S & P Innovation cube - How to develop innovations of other industry sectors by using modular principles
    (Dr.-Ing. Arne Engelbrecht, Salt and Pepper Technology GmbH & Co.KG) 

Session 4 - Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 3

  • Enabling manual assembly and integration of aerospace structures for Industrie 4.0-methods
    (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Grendel, Hochschule Bremen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Larek, Hochschule Wismar)
  • Design of individual re-contouring processes
    (Felix Rust, Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen)
  • Data synchronisation for model-based process monitoring
    (Sven Goetz, Werkzeugmaschinenlabor)
  • Regenerative grinding process of cemented carbide milling tools
    (Yanwei Liu, Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen)
  • Evaluation for mechanical characteristics of Inconel 625 - SUS316L joint produced with direct energy deposition
    (Ryo Koike, Departement of system Design Engineering)
  • Design and optimisation of a machining robot
    (Thomas Lepper, Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen)
  • Machining of large scaled CFRP-parts with mobile CNC-based robotic system in aerospace industry
    (Christian Möller, Fraunhofer IFAM)

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