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New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

ISBN: 978-3-95900-236-3

Tagungsband, 2018

Herausgeber der Reihe: Berend Denkena

Band-Nr.: IFW 13/2018

Umfang: 342 Seiten, 0 Abbildungen

Schlagworte: Production Technologies, Aerospace Industry, MIC


Keynote Speeches
  • Machining concepts for complex structural components need modern tool designs (Dr.-Ing. Jochen Kress, MAPAL Dr. Kress KG)
  • Machining of aerostructures - Technology innovation meets digitalization (Dr. Thomas Ehm, Premium AEROTEC GmbH)
  • Metal additive manufacturing in aerospace (Udo Burggraf, GE Additive)
  • The digital journey (Mirko Merlo, Walter AG)

Session 1 - Machining Technologies and Application 
  • Advanced machine tool concepts for high-performance machining of aerospace components with intelligent software functions (Dirk Hemscheidt, Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH)
  • Modern cutting technologies for aerospace - materials (Martin Heckel, LMT Tool Systems GmbH & Co.KG)
  • Harvi Ultra 8X and Harvi III cutters for best productivity in titanium structure milling (Dipl.-Ing. Werner Penkert, Kennametal Shared Services GmbH)
  • Vision paired with innovation using the development of iron aluminide as an example (Thomas Röser, AWB Aviation GmbH)
  • Production under control - Possibilities of an automation control system (Seppo Pyykkö, Fastems Systems GmbH)
  • Additive manufacturing - Wire overlay welding and subsequent machining (Dr.-Ing. Christian Söhner, Premium AEROTEC GmbH)
  • Increasing composite machining productivity in a world of decreasing chemical availability (Guirec Guyon de la Berge, Walter AG)

Session 2 - Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 1 
  • Process monitoring on drilling fiber-reinforced plastics and aluminum stacks using acoustic emissions (Martin Kimmelmann, Universität Stuttgart)
  • Investigations on the effects of an innovative flank face modification when drillingnickel-base alloys (Milan Bücker, Institut für spanende Fertigung)
  • Comparison of tool core temperature and active force in milling of Ti6Al4V under different cooling conditions (Christopher Praetzas, Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools)
  • A novel tool concept for roughing and finishing operations (Lars Ellersiek, Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen)
  • Surface integrity of alternative manufactured profile grooves in a nickel based alloy (Gregor Smeets, Werkzeugmaschinenlabor)
  • A study on high frequency force variations in milling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite material (Vinh Nguyen, George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering)

Session 3 - Additive Manufacturing and Process Chain Integration
  • Industrial additive technologies in aerospace industry (Volkan Duegmeci, Trumpf GmbH and Co. KG)
  • Additive manufacturing for aerospace production (Benjamin Bäumer, EOS GmbH)
  • Wire arc additive manufacturing of large scale titanium aerostructures (Heinz Baehr, Aircraft Philpp Group)
  • 3D metrology meets additive manufacturing: how to ensure component quality (Stephanie Adolf, GOM GmbH)
  • Additive roadmap: full-service provider produces metal high-end precision parts after nadcap standard (Christoph Machowetz, MBFZ Toolcraft GmbH)

Session 4 - Scientific Presentations including topics of Session 3 
  • 4D printing prospects in aerospace industry: A critical review (Dr. Panagiotis Stavropoulos, University of Patras)
  • A basic study on metal foam fabrication with titanium hydride in direct energy deposition (Ryo Koike, Departement of system Design Engineering)
  • Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulation of the machining process of Inconel 718 (Enrico Barth, Werkzeugmaschinenlabor)
  • Modeling of process deflections in a point-based grinding simulation system (Tobias Siebrecht, Virtual Machining, Computer Science XIV)
  • Programmable optimal design of sinusoidal spindle speed variation for re-generative chatter suppression (Yamato Shutaro, Departement of system Design Engineering)
  • Surface structuring of Ti6Al4V using cutting tools (Eric Segebade, Institut für Produktionstechnik)

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