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New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

ISBN: 978-3-95900-778-8

Tagungsband, 2023

Herausgeber der Reihe: Berend Denkena

Band-Nr.: IFW 14/2022

Umfang: 374 Seiten

Schlagworte: Aerospace Industry, Machining Innovations, Production Technologies


The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are fading away. We are therefore pleased to hold the "Machining Innovations Conference for Aerospace Industry" as a face-to-face event at the Hannover Centre for Production Technology. However, new crises such as the Ukraine war continue to burden the aerospace industry. Shortages in the supply chain and high energy costs are the consequences. As in every crisis, new technologies are required to face the up-coming challenges. New types of machines and applications must be the answer to these challenges. Sustainable technologies are a promising solution as they can reduce the need for resources and energy. This leads to an increasing demand for these kinds of technologies. The use of data offers an opportunity to improve sustainability in production while increasing the flexibility. Flexible process chains make it easier to adapt to rapidly changing markets with unsteady supply chains. Get inspired on these and other topics at this year's "Machining Innovations Conference for Aerospace Industry".

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