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1st International Conference on Process Machine Interactions - Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-939026-95-2

Tagungsband, 2008

Herausgeber der Reihe: Berend Denkena;

Band-Nr.: IFW Conf 2008

Umfang: 394 Seiten, 0 Abbildungen

Kurzfassung: Process Machine Interactions An increasing demand for high quality products and cost effective processes has put the focus of research to interdisciplinary approaches dealing with the interactions of manufacturing processes and machine tool structures. Latest developments around the prediction and manipulation of process machine interactions using advanced simulation technology and experimental setups are presented on the 1st International Conference on Process Machine Interactions. The manu-scripts in these conference proceedings have been reviewed by independent experts before publication. Conference Topics - Prediction and manipulation of the inter-action between production process (e.g. forming, cutting, grinding, micro-machining, ...) and structure (e.g. machine tool, robot, ...) - Thermal influences of the process on tool and machine structure - Dynamics and stability of machining processes

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